I came to see Jennifer many years ago because my father had recently died and I knew I needed help.

Jennifer introduced me to The Grieving Process and taught me about the Stages of Grieving.

In her office I found the peace and comfort to slowly and gently go through the painful process of grieving for my father, for the man who was my rock, and who I missed so much I could hardly breathe. I gradually went through feeling guilty for moving from New York to South Beach, and therefore not being able to "be there" entirely while my father was hospitalized and dying, and feeling angry at my mother for her and my father's terrible marriage.

While I was in Jennifer's office I learned that it was OK for me to have chosen my life to be the way I wanted it to be, not do as my parents, especially my father, wanted me to do. I felt somehow that since I'd moved away, my father somehow died. I knew logically that that made no sense, and, finally even got the courage to ask my father that, at Jennifer's suggestion. Of course he said No.

What surprised me was how gentle, kind, understanding, and empathetic Jennifer was. I'd never met anyone like her. I couldn't believe how much better I'd feel after I left her office. In the beginning, I went to see her because my insurance paid for it and my boss told me to. I didn't think it could help me the way it did. After my very first session, I made another appointment for a week, and then after that, I made two appointments a week for the first several weeks. I really needed it; it was after my appointments with her that I could concentrate at work, sleep, just function. Gradually I began to feel better and my appointments became only weekly and then twice a month, and finally monthly, until I decided I could stop.

About a year and a half afterward, I called her and asked her if she would meet my new boyfriend; I just wanted her to meet him. I also wanted her help on moving and my new job. She agreed to all of it. This time I only came to see her 5 times, in 2 months. It was great!!!

I've referred many colleagues and friends to her. It still amazes me how much I was helped. She says it wasn't her; it was the process of therapy. But I really think it was her – (lol).