In Family Counseling, we say that the Family itself is a System made up of many different parts, each one having an effect on the others, similar to the system that is a car. In a Family System, all the people involved in the family, make up the system, and just like in a car, it could need an "adjustment or tune-up" in order to perform effectively.

Whenever one part of a system ceases to function the way it always has, STRESS is the end result. Most people report experiencing an increased number or severity of arguments, withdrawal by some family member(s), or other symptoms which all indicate STRESS.

Do any of the following apply to you:

  • Power Struggles (increased fighting, arguments, hostility)

  • Difficulties with division of domestic

  • Sandwich Generation

  • Blended Family

  • Conflict with extended family

  • Different parenting styles

  • Health/Sickness

  • Infertility

  • Differences in money management

  • Recent loss/addition to the family

  • Single Parenting

  • Divorce

Conflict is natural in families; how it's dealt with may not be. We are all interrelated. Sometimes it can seem like one family member's problem affects everyone else, is affected by others, or is perceived to cause problems for other family members. Family Counseling affords the members an opportunity to hear and be heard in a relaxed environment with a professional, trained to facilitate education, improved communication, awareness, and problem solving. Most families are amazed at the results they see in their individual lives and within the family itself, as the quality of the relationships improve.