Feeling Anxious? Struggling to Adjust? Stressed?

Due to our recent/current Pandemic, all Professional Counseling services offered at greatly Reduced Fee.


I often hear, "How do I know I need counseling", or "Why do I need therapy, I've always been able to take care of my own problems". For many of us, asking for help and being open to different experiences can be frightening. So, congratulations on taking the first step!

Whether you're here because of major life changes or because you want/need extra support or guidance in moving your career, relationship, or life along a different path, I have a wonderful ability to help you become successful!

Above you'll find my counseling specializations which include but are not limited to, Individual Counseling as well as Family Therapy, Couples Counseling and Marriage Counseling. I am also available for Skype Sessions.

I offer a free initial phone consultation which can usually be accomplished in 15 minutes.

Please browse my website, and don't hesitate to contact me for further information. I look forward to your call.